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5 months ago

It all started for me in March. I had kids in my classes whose parents were working in the emergency department at Stony Brook. These kids were very worried about their parents. They were scared that ... See more

5 months ago

I got into sewing in elementary school when my 4H leader started teaching our group how to sew on sewing machines. I had known how to hand sew but the machine opened a whole new world for me! Over ... See more

5 months ago

I was in a solo private practice for rheumatology in Rochester for 15 years. With the changes occurring in healthcare, it’s become more difficult to be a solo practitioner, so I decided to ... See more

6 months ago

My unit transitioned into a COVID-19 ICU early in the pandemic. We incorporated nursing staff from all over the hospital to work arm and arm with us on 3 North. We reached 20 intubated patients at ... See more

7 months ago

I have been a nurse at Mather for 33 years and currently I’m director of nursing for the Transitional Care Unit. When we started to hear about the new novel coronavirus in February it seemed that ... See more

8 months ago

I became disabled a few years ago following a back injury. It’s difficult being unable to work, so I do my best to keep my mind and body as active as possible. One of my outlets is my artwork. I ... See more

8 months ago

I grew up in Pondicherry, a charming seaside town in South India. It used to be a French settlement and there are still some 60,000 French citizens who live in the city. It has beautiful French ... See more

8 months ago

Mather Matters is a Facebook Group I started to support the staff at Mather Hospital and show them love and heartfelt appreciation for all they do, and will continue to do, for their patients and the ... See more

11 months ago

Throughout my 31 years at Mather Hospital there were many firsts. Mather was one of the first hospitals on Long Island to perform outpatient surgery in 1976. Prior to this, all surgery was performed ... See more

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