Mather employees and visitors have a new place to rest and reflect thanks to a new bench in front of the hospital that was recently dedicated to mark the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic and to thank the entire Mather family for their dedication during this difficult time. The bench was made possible by the Voyage to Excellence employee teams.

“We wanted to remind the Mather Hospital family that they are appreciated, and that the Voyage teams recognize the extra efforts put forth by everyone in the organization,” said Melissa Bantz, Voyage to Excellence project coordinator. “We hope this small token of appreciation from the Voyage to Excellence teams serves as a spot to rest for a moment before work, after a shift, or during a lunch break, where every employee, physician, and volunteer can be reminded of the collective trial through which they prevailed.”

Deanna Keen, chair of the Voyage to Excellence Employee Engagement Team, said the bench “serves not only as a reminder of this trying year that we all pulled together to overcome, but also as a reminder to our hospital staff to simply take a break! We have been working hard battling COVID-19, and we have been on the frontlines since day one. I think this serves as a nice reminder to take some time to yourself, take a seat, and take a moment to relax.”

Mather Hospital launched its Voyage to Excellence program in June 2008. Its goal is to become the best community teaching hospital in New York State. The Voyage strives to create a culture based upon excellent service in an environment where employees are empowered to perform at their highest level of ability. The employee teams foster a hospital culture that continuously improves the delivery of high-quality health care and satisfaction to patients, visitors, physicians, and team members.

To also mark the one-year anniversary of the pandemic and to honor our frontline workers and all those lost to COVID-19, Mather Hospital also has lit its iconic cupola in blue light.