Decision Women in Commerce and Professions – Long Island presented the Fortunato Breast Health Center with an $1,800 grant to purchase Breast Cancer Treatment Handbooks, which are given to every woman diagnosed with breast cancer at the Center.

“The founding and current members of Decision are pleased that for over 40 years we have been able to donate funds to Mather Hospital and the Fortunato Breast Care Center to provide essential and unique support for their patients, such as a stress testing machine, Fortunato Breast Center mammography screening and a blanket warmer cabinet,” said Grace G. LoGrande, MSW, chair of the group’s Decision Donations Committee. “Even during these most stressful times of COVID, in addition to funding the grant request, Decision members were pleased to send food and beverages for the hospital staff as they devotedly cared for their patients.”

In addition to dealing with emotions and physical, social and other challenges, it is imperative that a woman newly diagnosed with breast cancer be able to navigate our highly complex health system effectively to attain the best outcomes. The Fortunato Breast Health Center’s nurse navigators provide women with emotional support, information and assistance in making appointments and otherwise navigating their breast cancer treatment. The Breast Cancer Treatment Handbook is a valuable tool used by the nurse navigators to assist women diagnosed with breast cancer.

The nurse navigators are part of the outstanding model of care provided by the Center, which has earned full accreditation from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC).