Mather Hospital’s 2020 annual award ceremony honoring nurses and other staff was distinguished by the fact that it is both the year of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Year of the Nurse. The live audience was socially distanced and masked, while others viewed the event virtually.

Annemarie Doodian, RN, director of nurse recruitment and retention, noted the difficult conditions under which Mather nurses worked at the height of the pandemic last spring, making the awards all that more meaningful.

“Nurses are the bridge to health care; they are the crucial link between the people of the community and complex healthcare,” said CNO/VP for Nursing Marie Mulligan, PhD, RN. “Nurses are on the ‘front lines’ of health care each and every day. With every patient, family member and colleague you encounter you exhibit extraordinary professional nursing practice.”

“The International Year of the Nurse to honor the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale emphasizes the vital and heroic role of nurses and their contribution to the healthcare team in the global battle against the coronavirus  pandemic. Thus, Mather’s nurses are proudly following in the tradition of Nightingale, by uniting with fellow nurses from all over the world in providing compassionate, evidence-based nursing care to those individuals sick and dying from the unprecedented COVID-19 virus.

“The awards presented are a representation of meaningful recognition among your colleagues which is reflective of your unwavering dedication, professionalism, and self-sacrifice. I cannot say the words “THANK YOU” enough!  You have reshaped nursing practice globally as a result of the healthcare crisis we faced this year, as your CNO I couldn’t be more respectful or proud.“

In addition to the annual awards, the ceremony included the presentation of a DAISY Award, which recognizes the extraordinary work done by nurses. The awards, presented by CNO/Vice President for Nursing Marie Mulligan, PhD, RN, were:

Nurse of Excellence – Jeanne Brennan, RN

DAISY Award – Mary Ellen Glennon, RN

Advanced Practice Nurse – Richard Daly, NP

Nurse Leader – Annamaria Buzzetta, RN

Clinical Instructor – Maureen Chernosky, RN

Clinical Nurse – Melanie Burns, RN

RN “Rookie” – Camila Martinez, RN

Nursing Assistant – Kristina Oliver, CNA

Unit Secretary – Meghan Krulder